1. Satisfying highest reasonable requirements from customers

2. The company always strives to provide the best results and services to meet reasonable requirements of customers. The company considers quality as the first and most important target in its business and operation activities

3. In order to always achieve good and stable quality, the Company commit to implementing the following principles:

  • Understand customers’ requirements deeply to ensure that our products and services can fully serve customers’ needs.
    Frequently disseminate to employees so that everyone understands that:
  • Product quality is the essential factor determining the growth and prosperity of the Company. All officers, operators and staffs must constantly improve their professional capabilities and accumulate experience to meet the increasing requirement+B14s of product quality to satisfy the increasing demands of customers.
  • Regularly innovating the management, maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality Management System with the participation of the entire system and each employee of the Company.
  • Strictly complying with the quality regulations of the Government management agencies and the quality requirements of the customers.
    Improve the professionalism of the board of managers, technicians and operators